River Tyne

River Tyne



Hi! I’m Alanna….

Thanks so much for visiting my page! To sum it up, I basically just love food. I love cooking it, eating it, sharing it, all of the above. Whether it be my family’s traditional recipes, sweet treats, vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, savoury dishes, healthy, and guilty pleasure dishes, I love it all in equal measure. So with that said, I hope you find some recipes here that will give you that little bit of what you fancy at the time.

I am an Italian-American and have been living in the UK for almost 10 years now, the last couple of which have been spent living along the beautiful River Tyne up in the Northeast with my lovely partner, Hugh. I love British food, and the food revolution that seems to be happening over here, and really enjoy cooking dishes which incorporate all the lovely, fresh ingredients that are available on this awesome island. That said, the recipes I turn to mostly when I want a bit of comfort food are definitely some of our Italian family recipes or a recreation of my favourite Indian or Chinese takeout. So you’ll find a mix of all sorts on here. We also have a small, and very sweet miniature dachshund who I like to make treats for every so often, so there will be a few recipes for our furry friends on here too in time!

When I’m not cooking, I work as a violinist in a chamber orchestra here in the U.K. I’m also a keen runner and will be doing my first marathon in 2018- eek!- so keep an eye out for some delicious, and filling healthy recipes coming out in January.

Thanks for reading. Cheers! xx


dorothy x

Dorothy, our miniature dachshund x