Best Scrambled Eggs

We all make them but this version comes with a very delicious little twist- CREAM CHEESE! My brilliant older brother came up with this trick when we were younger, and to this day the yummy smell of these eggs cooking reminds me of hanging out with him on a Saturday morning, watching cartoons.

Scrambled eggs, a staple in our breakfast food playbook. Try them with this little bit of added luxury, and I promise you’ll be hooked!



2 Eggs (whisked together)

2 tablespoons, Full-Fat Cream Cheese (or more if you like!)

Splash of Milk

Salt & Pepper, to taste

A generous knob of butter, for cooking



In a frying pan over medium-high heat, melt the butter.

Once melted, add cream cheese and move around the pan with your spatula, keeping it in large chunks.

After a minute, add whisked eggs, salt & pepper.

Start gently folding eggs over each other right away to avoid the bottom sticking to the pan.

After a few minutes to eggs should be cooked. Serve with buttery toast or some yummy bacon!

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